Originally formed in 2011 with a small team focussing exclusively on graphic design, the company has rapidly expanded and diversified into new fields. We currently employ staff comprising of graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and photo editors creating unique and imaginative media.

One of the key reasons for our success is that we are always on the lookout for talented people to join us and add real value on our projects. Below is a breakdown of some of the projects we are currently involved with across various industry sectors including fashion, journalism and advertising.

Stock photography

This involves producing photos and illustrations to be used by a wide range of industry professionals as well as the general public on a royalty-free basis. The images and illustrations we produce are often used for flyers, posters and magazines.


These can be for magazines, billboards, or flyers amongst other forms of media. We produce graphics and images and put these together in suitable design layouts to create adverts which reflect the product or service being promoted according to the client’s brief.


Often clients want a bespoke service in order to create a unique look for a website. Although we do not do web development, we do create a lot of the elements used in websites to create a unique and consistent look which can help to enhance brand image.

Company logos

This service allows clients to specify the exact requirements for a logo which would then be owned by the client outright and often used as a legal trademark. This area of work usually requires the services of our graphic designers to create a simple yet strong image which is easily recognisable.